Civona System

The Civona Skincare System has a novel approach to active ingredient delivery into the skin and this is in the science behind the active constituents and the cosmetic formulations they reside in. Ensuring outstanding results and minimising the potential damage caused by some of the questionable ingredients that can be present in other skincare products on the market, is very important to the Civona System.


The science behind the ingredient selection of each of the Civona products has been determined on the skin condition and/or concern that requires management or resolution. Each ingredient listed in this range has been carefully selected to address common concerns such as premature ageing, sun damage, dehydration, pigmentation and skin integrity. For all of these thoroughly researched ingredients, scientific data exists to prove efficacy and percutaneous absorption or uptake into epidermis and dermis (upper and lower layer of the skin), to initiate their action accordingly.


Each product will have an in depth explanation of these ingredients, what they do and how they work so you know what to expect with the results. Scientific research will also be added to prove individual efficacy of tissue interaction and dermal delivery system to further explain why the Civona System of skincare is truly unique and a non-complicated regimen to use daily.


The Civona System is broken up into two (2) separate stages...morning and evening. The ingredients are specifically selected to accommodate solar defense and protection whilst minimising pigmentation response during the day. For the evening, the high potency restorative, rejuvenating and resurfacing action of the ingredients work whilst you sleep to detoxify and regenerate cellular turnover and healthy cell functionality.


There are three (3) universal products within this system which means they are used morning and night...Cleanser, Intensive Eye Repair and Hydration Mist. These prepare and hydrate the skin prior to using your intensive serums morning or night and are an integral part of the Civona Skincare System.

Civona Skincare easy as 1, 2, 3!!

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Daytime Defence System                                           

Step 1

Dermal B3 Active – Applied after rinsing your face your daily routine begins with Dermal B3 Active. This has 10% Vitamin B (Niacinamide) for pigmentation control and is a potent antioxidant to prevent solar damage and to reduce uncontrolled sebum production. The formulation also contains an advanced formulation of Hyaluronic acid for maximising epidermal and dermal hydration levels to promote the reduction in transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and keep you glowing all day.

Step 2

Dermal Radical Protect – This powerful antioxidant formulation is designed to reduce free radical damage. Incorporating vitamin A, B, C and E,  Seabuckthorn, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and lipids these advanced ingredients work to neutralise the damaging pollutants whilst also reducing inflammation and supplying protective vital lipids to the dermis. The potent combination of vitamins, essential fatty acids, botanical extracts and essential oils make this serum a complete one stop shop for anti ageing ingredients that will not only protect and prevent further damage but also restore and reverse sun damage and the signs of ageing and cellular senescence.

Step 3

Dermal UV Protect – This light-weight moisturising cream is only light-weight in texture not active constituents! With 12.5% Zinc Oxide and red algae extract the Dermal UV Protect provides broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB radiation further reducing the effect of the accumulation of daily sun exposure. Zinc oxide is also a very effective anti-inflammatory which serves to reduce stress in the skin associated with dermal ageing. With it's light hydration properties the 3rd step in your morning regime will leave your skin soft and hydrated without feeling greasy and also provides an excellent base for makeup application if desired.



Evening Protection System

Cleansing – A new generation cleanser, Deep Dermal Cleanse, has been developed to remove bacteria, pollutant build up and makeup debris leaving your skin clean and refreshed whilst respecting the fragile acid mantle by not removing vital natural oils and lipids. Infused with Lemon Scented Myrtle, an Australian native tree, the fresh and floral scents of Australian nature combine to make this cleansing emulsion a smooth yet gentle exfoliating cleansing regime.  Exfoliation assists in the removal of extra dead skin cells and leaves your skin softer and thoroughly prepared for the active serums to come. It also assists in reactivity, redness, post teen breakouts and prevents premature ageing. Our gentle formulation contains no harmful SLS or other harmful sulphates ensuring that while you are helping keep your skin hygienic you are not unknowingly causing harm.


Dermal Eye Repair - Our advanced Dermal Eye Repair has been developed to manage most of the concerns associated with the appearance in the eye area. This is used after cleansing and toning the skin and before the active serums are applied. This advanced formula will regenerate and restore signs of ageing by improving  volume loss to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration in the eye area. Spin trap technology used in this advanced formulation improves circulation insuring future damage will be reduced. It is recommended that the Dermal Eye Repair be used morning and evenings.



Step 1

Dermal Exfoliance - This first step in your nightly facial repair, this leave on exfoliator contains Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic acids to increase skin cell turnover and help clear blocked pores. Although we do not recommend over exfoliating with harsh cleansers and scrubs, an increased controlled cellular turnover is beneficial when used in conjunction with retinoids and other products associated with dermal repair. Blended with Pomegranate enzyme, a potent antioxidant which aids in reducing the negative effects of inflammation, Dermal Exfoliance is safe and effective way to promote cellular turnover by facilitating an increase in the absorption of retinol, active constituents and dermal hydrators.


Step 2

Dermal DNA Repair - Retinol and the derivatives of Vitamin A widely used for their ability to repair the dermis and reverse the effects of ageing, our Dermal DNA Repair is proven to physiologically alter damaged DNA so new cells are replicated in a healthier state. With it's ability to produce new collagen and remove scar tissue, the Retinaldehyde that is used has an outstanding complacency rate or a slow release so potential irritation in the skin is minimised. A reduction in congestion with acne and for rosacea sufferers, a visible reduction in the appearance of redness from damaged vascular lesions. Converted to Retinoic acid within the skin, it is stored in fat cells for a prolonged vitamin release to ensure maximum repair and rebuilding is achieved and this gives vitamin A its longevity in the tissues for sustained management of most skin concerns faced today.

Step 3

Light or Deep Dermal Moisture - A choice of light and deep moisturisers is available for different skin types and climates.


The Light Dermal Moisture is a blend of Hyaluronic acid and specific lipids to give a noticeable anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effect to complete nightly cellular rejuvenation of damaged skin. The light texture will not causing follicular congestion or leave the skin feeling heavy or greasy to touch. The Light Dermal Moisture is perfect for those in more humid areas or with skin prone to breakouts and high oil production.


The Deep Dermal Moisture is designed for those with dryer and dehydrated, ageing skins to address lipid deficiency and impaired barrier function caused by environmental factors and the ageing process. With natural moisturising factors, Hyaluronic Acid and Potassium Sorbateit it will give a noticeable boost for anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effect to dry damaged skin. This intensely hydrating formulation also contains marine collagen, silk proteins and Co Q 10 enzymes to enhance hydration retention, soothe irritation and assist in repairing the skin overnight. A vital moisturiser for optimal skin health during the cooler months.