Fequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to apply 3 products in the morning and evening?

The proven science behind the ingredients in Dermal Effect Skincare require that the high level active ingredients are kept seperate from each other to insure no loss in active quality and that they will work in conjunction to enhance results when applied. The PH of some indredients is often opposite and mixing would cause rapid deteriation of the actives.


Can I use just parts of the range?

Yes you can use just parts of the range but to achieve the best results it is recomended to use them as prescibed.


I have pimple on my face, is there anything that can help in the range?

Yes, the first nightly step is a powerful blend of AHA's and BHA's and if applied directly to the pimple morning and night can help increase cellular turnover and clear the pimple. Allow a few minutes for full penetration before applying the full day and night routine.


Can it also help with teen acne?

Yes the products are designed to help with the natural function of the skin controlling many of the problems that cause teen acne. Step 1 day is a high level niacinamide, this ingredient is scientifically proven to help regulate sebum (Natural skin oil) in the dermis which, when hormones cause over production, leads to congested and oily skin. The second day step is the powerful antioxidant which will protect from enviromental triggers of acne from pollutants and the third day step will help keep moisture levels optimal during the day to stop dryness triggering further unwanted sebum production.

The Civona Gentle Dermal Cleanse will not strip the skin of vital oils and lipids, which most exfoliating cleanser do, and can again trigger excessive sebum production.

The first nightly step with it's AHA's and BHA's will relieve congestion safely through increased skin cell turnover. This can also be used as the first morning step if suffering form excessive congestion and breakouts. The second nightly step will help repair any damage to the skin and the third step will help hydrate without congestion with it's advanced hyaluronic formulation.